Ministry Burnout

When is the last time you did something fun? Or at least spontaneous? This has been my new lifestyle, living life to the fullest, and quite honestly I think most ministry leaders have missed out on it. There is something I have found about ministry, both full and part time is that it takes your whole life. Your day off is never "off". There is always an email to be sent, a student to talk to, a song to learn, a graphic to make, to make the church or organization move forward, or at least have your duties checked off to avoid confrontation. This is so disheartening because these are the people, pastors, leaders, that are supposed to be pouring into people, not just doing tasks and when they don't have their time off, how can we expect them to pour into us? Being out of "church leadership" now, I reflect back now and see how far gone I was. I never got rest, and when I did I was nervous about Sunday or a conversation I had to have or have already had. There was always a last minute meeting you have to attend and this one was "special" but it happened all the time. For me in this season, I have set better boundaries, though I am still heavily in ministry I have found that being outside of a paid position in the church that life is much better. I can have a day off, where I get to rest and hangout with others. I feel like I have no stress, even though I work in one of the most stressful jobs, summer camp! Leaders, you have to take time for you. Though you may feel high and mighty, that feeling wears off and you will find your passion being robbed and your joy no longer present. Time take for yourself, away from work. There will always be work to do, always another job or meeting. Time will not let you take a break if you don't make it. This week, take a moment for yourself, even if it's not made for you, make it. I encourage you because I have seen so many leaders go down this burnout path, including myself and it's hard to get back on track without totally quitting it all. Don't get too far gone, don't let others rob your passion and joy all the time. Take the time for yourself and then deal with others. There will always be another problem, conversation, meeting, etc., but never another moment for you. Go do something crazy, that you've never done before. Do something you've always wanted to while you can.