High Rise Live Album

Today marks a very special day for us as a band. We’re back to dreaming and going after crazy ideas and calls. A


We’ve been right in the middle of summer camp, playing 9 weeks for the youth at Watermarks. We at the end of the summer will have done 300+ worship sets and have already seen thousands enter the presence of God and hundreds make a decision for Him for the first time. This summer has been one of the most powerful ever for us as a band as we are right in the heart of what God is doing through us and back to the original heart of what we do. We don’t want to miss any opportunities, so this is the new announcement.

Throughout the summer, we’ve been recording all of the songs and gathering footage from all of the weeks of camp. At the end of week 10 of summer camp, we will be working to put together our very first live album, called High Rise Live. This is all the songs we’ve been doing this summer and along with that, we will be releasing a live DVD partnered with it. They will be available hopefully by Fall 2014, as we want to share what God has done all summer long through Watermarks and our own journey. We hope that you enjoy this and get to take a look into what we’ve been doing for the past couple of months, and overall the past couple of years.

Also, we have a new line of apparel coming in as well, our new Indian style line. So we have a buffalo tee and a dream catcher tee on the way, so be ready to order those through the high rise store, off the website at highriseworship.com under music.