Creativity in the Church

One sad thing about the Church, is that we're so far behind. In putting loads of administrative weekly tasks on creative leaders, we limit their time or ability to create due to the stress of the "tasks". As a creative leader myself, I have to carve out time to get alone to dream and create, if not, I never will. You can get so overwhelmed with meeting deadlines, or get so drained that you don't feel like trying to make anything else new, you're just maintaining what you have. Creative personalities rarely enjoy managing, they enjoy creating. This is where it gets dangerous. We start managing and not creating and this leads us to burn out, not feeling like we're in our calling, and eventually leads to us leaving where we are in search of the new thing. In order for creative people to stay in the church, continue dreaming, creating, moving and shaking the areas they need to be around new and progressive things. Without progress and change, we can push ourselves directly to our demise. I encourage you, take time aside and create something, regardless of what it is. The church needs to be ahead of the game, not following behind what others do. Continue to learn new things, try methods that have never been used, regardless if the congregation doesn't get it or like it, you're shaping the future church whether you use it or not. There will always be someone who complains or doesn't like it, but if you don't continue pushing creativity forward, your church and life will stay the same.